As of yesterday, I’ve been dating my amazing girlfriend for six months. It actually feels like so much longer because she is my everything.

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Shout out to my crew: people that were told they were brilliant as children and then went on to be below average adults. We ride together, we disappoint our parents together.


Soooo excited.
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I really hate white-washed, fat-shaming, hetero-normative women’s magazines, but I also really like relaxing with a magazine and looking at pictures of nail polish and shit, ya feel?

I never thought I’d be in a couple that takes pictures like this, but I’m not mad at it.
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My girlfriend and I are kind of adorable.
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This Saturday! Join us for a wonderful, Halloween-themed open mic reading!
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Today was kind of super crappy. Ear infections thanks to both of my gauges, and I lost my wallet and have no money. And noooo idea where it even could possibly be, except at work (Crosses fingers).

And then there is my amazing girlfriend, who makes everything better, even after an extremely shitty day. So this is my, I am super thankful for my perfect girlfriend, post. =)

D’awwe <3


If I want to dismantle the patriarchy while listening to One Direction, I can. Also: fuck you


tries to do things: becomes overridden with anxiety

doesn’t do things: becomes overridden with anxiety