I woke up to this, this morning
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I always thought Link was a girl, as well as Christopher Robin from Pooh Bear?? I guess when there wasn't female representation in the media I consumed as a kid, I made it for myself 💁




yes u go angelmannequin


Dinner with my partner Declan today! 🍔 I’m so lucky! 😘❤️
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I’m going to miss him =(  the most charactered cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of having in my life. #KingLouie

My partner is the cutest person ever ☺️
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my own mother just told me i wasn’t as cute as crowley

Perfect day with my perfect partner ❤️
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I had ice cream today with my man crush everyday 😘❤️
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Yesterday was my baby’s birthday! He’s 23! 😘🎉❤️
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Not something I chose


So I’ve recently come out to my girlfriend and a small handful of my close friends as being transgender. All of them are amazingly supportive, and my girlfriend is just the best thing that’s ever happened to me in general. So i’ve decided that my next step is here on Tumblr. I’ve met a great community of people because of it, and it’s a place where I can be my goofy self when it comes to the things I post and tend to rant about, so here it is!!

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I’m so proud of my partner! I love him, no matter what <3

As of yesterday, I’ve been dating my amazing girlfriend for six months. It actually feels like so much longer because she is my everything.

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Shout out to my crew: people that were told they were brilliant as children and then went on to be below average adults. We ride together, we disappoint our parents together.